Monday, January 8, 2007

Vasudaiva kutumbham

It was late evening. The temple room was packed with curious spiritual seekers. The acarya was expounding the Gitopanishad and disciples were astounded seeing his heartfelt affection for Trees, insects and human beings belonging to any class, creed. The acarya had established himself on the plane of 'Vasudaiva Kutumbham' which is the primary qualification for one to perform the duty of the Guru - 'The spiritual master. Ultimate selflessness culminates in Spiritual selfishness on the plane of Vasudeva kutumbham.
When we experience oneness on the fundamental plane of the soul, heartfelt feeling and caring for all living beings sprouts in the heart due to realisation that we are all part
of one Kutumbha -> Vasudaiva Kutumbham.
Advaita or oneness is experienced when one in love. I asked my mother the other day -> why she feels pain when iam unwell. Its because of the bond and love. Even there are many film songs expounding that two become one when in love. The best way to experience oneness with the whole cosmos is to fall in love with the origin -> the infinite supreme person and realise Vasudaiva Kutumbham thru Bhakti Yoga. Meditation is the natural outcome of love.
This is not just in theory but has to be experienced. Spiritual knowledge is not just to satisfy our intellectual curiosity but to go to the platform of experiencing and living with the mindset and realisation of that knowledge. Its just not enough to know CMMI but needs to be applied to help Projects achieve Zero defects. That is the difference between Jnana and Vijnana. Vijnana culminates in ananda. If Projects are the laboratory to experiment and try out the principles of CMMI, everyday life incidents and experiences are an opportunity to apply the principles of Gita. Every life incident should be seen thru the filter of Sri Krishna's divine words in Gitopanishad.
On the physical plane, our love is limited to the physical family. As we progress in our inner journey, the concept of my family goes on extending till I experience that whole cosmos is 'My family'.

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